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Frequent Ques/Answers

We all have a lot of the same questions about Persian Kittens, I've made this page to help educate and answer some of the most common questions that we are asked in hopes to help you, the consumer. 
First let me address the SIZE question regarding the Teacup & Toy size Persian Kittens, these two words are descriptive and not meant to ever indicate that a full grown Teacup Persian Kitten will fit into a coffee or tea cup!! Persian's have been renowned for 3 basic characteristic's since they were created several centuries ago; they have the flattest facial features of any purebred cat, they were typically LARGE boned and they are the most human seeking and loyal feline breed. In regards to the Teacup and Toy size, all that has changed is the BONE STRUCTURE! They are not runts, inbred or anything less than their standard size counterpart. It is important that you have a realistic expectation of these sizes. A standard Persian will be 10 to 15 lbs at full maturity with most of that comprised of a large bone structure. This is not to be confused with the different facial structure, as that also varies from baby doll face to extreme show face. (please see this page to learn more about facial structure) 
A Teacup size Persian adult is usually 4 to 7.5 lbs, a Toy size is 8 to 9.5 lbs and of course, 10 lbs and up is a Standard size Persian. The smaller the bone structure, the higher the maintenance for the person raising them and their price is reflective of that.
Certain color's are recessive, being harder to produce (rare) and those of course, also reflect that in the individual price.
Another frequent question is long hair or short (officially called and "Exotic" Persian) This depends on your personal life style and time available for grooming, long hair is higher maintenance and I hope that everyone reading this will consider this factor carefully when choosing your family companion. 
Can this breed go outside? Absolutely not! No matter the hair length, they simply do NOT have the survival instincts to spend any time whatsoever outside.
What kind of food do they need? Over the years, we have tried several brands and the two that are the absolute best for this specific breed are Royal Canin and Iams (dry). It is okay to give your kitten/cat treats, however, if you give daily wet food, you will likely see loose stool and that is not good for anyone.
What kind of litter box? We use both the hooded model and the non-hooded so that is entirely up to you. If bringing home a new kitten, try to pick out a spot for this in advance so that once you show he or she, it will be there going forward. Kittens are smart, they are litter box trained by their Mother's at a very early age and rarely have accidents. Provide a consistent place for their potty and they won't disappoint you:)
What kind of litter? who better to ask than your professional 'poopologist', lol, we highly recommend Tidy cats. If you want to try something else, do so upon arrival as they are still young enough to adapt to 'change'.
This page will continue to grow and is here to be helpful, feel free to ask any questions as no one learns anything without them!