Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale|Persian Kittens For Sale
Teacup Persian Kittens|Teacup Kittens

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Available Budget Babies

This page has been set up for our Persian Kittens that are slightly older or perhaps have a cosmetic flaw that doesn't stop them from being any less loveable, it simply makes them more affordable for folks on a small budget with a big heart. I will always and forever encourage you to look at adopting at a rescue or shelter first and foremost. While it is nice to know the lineage of your cat or dog, it is also a wonderful feeling to save a life. Persians, specifically, require additional grooming and must be fed a high quality food to accommodate their delicate palates. If you are thinking of buying one and pushing your personal budget, then please don't. It's not fair to the kitten or to you. Occasionally, I will intend to hold back a kitten for our breeding program and then change my mind, often that is when I will place a slightly older kitten (usually not by much) on this page. Remember that Teacup and Toy size kittens take longer to reach the "leaving" stage and weight to go to their new homes, so they will ALWAYS be at least 4 to 5 mos. old and it is only for the above mentioned reason's that they are ever made available on this page~