Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale|Persian Kittens For Sale
Teacup Persian Kittens|Teacup Kittens

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About Exotic Kittens

What is an "Exotic Persian"? Simply put, a Persian with short, thick, plush 2 inch hair instead of 8 to 10 inches. Same feline, just short hair. Sometime's called "the lazy man's Persian" they do still require grooming, just much less and it takes less time. If you love the personality of the Persian but not the hair, this is the one for you. All the same wonderful colors are available, perhaps a little harder to find but they are possible!

We have examples on this page of some of the different color's they are available in. Just like their long hair counterpart, the facial structure is varied also. I personally think that they look more like a Teddy Bear than any other, especially with those large expressive eyes!

Solid Black

Shaded Golden & Cream Shell

Blue Golden & White

Chinchilla Golden with green eyes

Seal Point with blue eyes